Don't let our Human Rights Act slip away


Will Queensland's Human Rights Act slip away?

The Premier’s announcement that the Queensland Government will introduce a Human Rights Act was welcomed in October last year by community organisations and individuals throughout Queensland and Australia.  

The widespread support for the introduction of a Human Rights Act in Queensland was evidenced in the over 400 submissions received by last year's Human Rights Inquiry into whether Queensland needs a Human Rights Act.

Organisations endorsing the Human Rights Act are growingly concerned that Queensland’s human rights bill has not yet been introduced. In Western Australia the promise of human rights legislation was lost following the Western Australian Labor Government  losing the election in 2008. Learning from experience we know that Queensland's human rights legislation must be introduced as soon as possible to ensure that the bill is passed into law before an election is called. 

Voicing their concerns last week over 30 community organisations called on the Attorney General to take action to introduce Queensland's Human Rights bills as soon as possible. 

Letter to Attorney General Letter to Attorney General (54 KB)

The campaign for a Human Rights Act for Queensland continues to call on the Queensland Government to Act Now! to introduce a Human Rights Act for Queensland.


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