PeakCare releases a follow-up discussion about a Human Rights Act


PeakCare asks (more) questions about a Human Rights Act for Queensland

Following his earlier interview with Aimee McVeigh from the campaign for a Human Rights Act for Queensland, Lindsay Wegener talks to James Farrell from QAILS, Janet Wight from YAC, Karen Walsh from Micah Projects and Aimee.


It's time for answers

On September 19, the campaign for a HRA4Q is teaming up with QUT Law School, Queensland Council of Civil Liberties and Australian Lawyers for Human Rights to offer an event discussing where our Hu..Read more


$2 million boost for a Human Rights Act

$2 million boost for a Human Rights Act This morning's Courier Mail reports that more than $2 million will be handed to Queensland’s Anti-Discrimination Commisson to help it administer a yet..Read more


Queensland's all-too-slow human rights movement

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