How to become a family lawyer in Australia

Becoming a lawyer is a dream of many people. In fact, a successful lawyer can spend a very satisfying life; while earning good money, they help people to get out of various difficult situations. Particularly, for lawyers who are practising in cities like Melbourne, it can be an exciting career considering the variety of cases they come across often. However, if you intend to become a family lawyer in Australia, the Supreme Court should authorise you to practice firstly. At the completion of the practising, you would receive a practising certificate which is usually issued by the local legal professional body. For instance, if you live in Melbourne, you should obtain the practising certificate from the professional legal body in Melbourne. 

However, during your journey to become a family lawyer, you should fulfil various other requirements. 

The essential requirements you should fulfil to become a family lawyer 

  • You should successfully complete a recognised law degree  (either LLB or JD)
  • You should obtain the certificate of practical legal training (PLT) in order to acquire the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. If not, you should join a firm and undergo a comprehensively supervised traineeship 
  • You should apply for addition to Roll of Lawyers 
  • You should apply for a practising certificate from the local legal body  

Completing a recognised Law Degree 

Law degrees are quite versatile; the 3-year undergraduate program (commonly known as LLB) is the most popular and widespread on of all. Such qualification can be extended to a double degree undergraduate program (wish usually lasts up to 6 years). Moreover, if you already have an above-mentioned undergraduate qualification, you may opt to Juris Doctorate (commonly known as JD) which may take three more years to complete.

Obtaining graduate training 

It is a common requirement in Australia (except Western Australia), that all the law graduates must undergo a PLT (Practical Legal Training) and obtain the respective certificate before getting into practice. In Cities like Melbourne, there are various universities to offer the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. This particular qualification is scheduled to let the new lawyers experience skills such as negotiation, advocacy, drafting, interviewing, property negotiating (related to divorce cases) etc.

Obtaining admission to practice law

Once the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice is obtained, the candidates can look for the opportunities in legal practising. For this, they should seek the assistance of the Professional Legal Authority in the respective state. 

Once they are admitted to practice, it is considered to be a lifelong dispensation. As a matter of fact, such dispensation can be withdrawn only due to cases such as;

  • Purposeful misconduct and
  • Criminal conviction of the lawyer

When they are embraced by the profession, lawyers apply for a practising certificate. 

Upon fulfilling all the requirements, the practitioners are recognised to be lawyers. However, not all lawyers are same; they have specific areas to master depending on the field they prefer. In this case, you have to master the family law in order to become successful as a family lawyer in Melbourne. 

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