Human rights mean everyone gets a fair go

Human rights ensure that we are treated fairly and equally. They are universal and they apply to everyone, no matter our race, gender, religion, abilities, political belief, sexuality, age or any other characteristic.

Human rights are only enforceable when they are protected in law

Although Australia has signed up to the UN Convention of Human Rights and other UN treaties outlining human rights, this does not mean they are enforceable in our domestic courts.

Basic rights that many Queenslanders take for granted – the right to life, the right to vote, the right to be free from torture and everyone’s right to equality before the law – are not currently protected by legislation in Queensland. 

When Queenslanders are treated unfairly they should be able to get a remedy

A Human Rights Act makes human rights enforceable in Queensland. It means that when we're not treated fairly we can complain, make the unfair treatment stop and be compensated for loss we have suffered.
If we had a Human Rights Act, parliament would be required to consider how laws impact on human rights and our politicians would need to respect human rights when developing policy. 

The Queensland Government has a responsibility to protect all Queenslanders

Queenslanders have experienced governments that are happy to trample all over our rights. We've seen them introduce laws that limit our basic rights. We don't have a senate - governments in Queensland can push through legislation without scrutiny regardless of whether they violate our human rights.

The best way to protect Queenslanders against future governments who try to trample all over our rights is a Human Rights Act for Queensland

In 2016 Premier Palaszczuk promised us a Human Rights Act. During the 2017 election the Queensland Government made introducing a Human Rights Act an election commitment. In 2018 the Deputy Premier told us it would be done this year.

It is time that the Queensland Government put their words into action and took up the opportunity to protect every Queenslander by passing an enforceable Human Rights Act.

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