A Human Rights Act changes the way people are treated in Queensland - and you can be part of making it happen.

Australia is one of the only western democratic nations that doesn’t have a Human Rights Act or a bill of rights. While the ACT and Victoria have human rights legislation, no other state or territory does. 

Since the beginning of 2015 our campaign has been actively pursuing the end goal of an enforceable Human Rights Act for Queensland. As a result the Queensland Government held a Human Rights Inquiry in 2016 and, at the end of 2016, committed to introducing a Human Rights Act for Queensland. During 2017 we continued to lobby the government, asking them to turn their commitment into action and to introduce a human rights bill in parliament. When the election was called the government assured us that if they were returned they would introduce a Human Rights Act this term.

Let's get this done

The push for a Human Rights Act for Queensland continues to gain momentum. You can chip in to help us to keep the pressure on and to make sure that an enforceable Human Rights Act is in place as soon as possible. 


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