It's done

It's done

Our Human Rights Act was passed into law by the Queensland Parliament on 27 February 2019.

History has been made - our act is the most broad reaching and accessible human rights law in Australia.

The Human Rights Act protects our rights to freedom, respect, equality and dignity. The law says we all have the right to access health care and our children have the right to access an education.

If we experience human rights issues, we will be able to complain to Queensland's Human Rights Commission. Our complaint will be listened to and properly considered. 

Queenslanders have come together to make this a reality, they've met with MPs, written letters, organised and attended events, donated money, participated in online advocacy, written submissions, given evidence, talked to their friends and family, used their faces, voices and ideas and together we've built a movement that has led to our rights being protected in law.

The Attorney General and the Queensland Government should be commended for taking this historic step towards a fairer state.

Today is proof that together we can make a difference and that fairness and equality are values that our community will continue to safeguard.


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