It's happening this week

It's happening this week

Attorney General Announces Tabling of Queensland Human Rights Act at Community Legal Centres Queensland State Conference

Brisbane, October 29, 2018 -- Today the Attorney General has announced that Queensland's Human Rights Act will be tabled this week. After the bill is tabled it will go to the Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee for community consultation and, all going well, the bill should be passed by early 2019.

Aimee McVeigh, coordinator of the Human Rights Act for Queensland campaign says:

"This is an historic moment in Queensland. The bill means that Queenslanders will have their rights to be treated fairly, equally and with dignity protected in law. It also means that when our rights are not respected, we can complain to a Human Rights Commission."

Queensland's Human Rights Bill will be the first in Australia to allow people who claim their rights have been unfairly limited to make their complaint to a Human Rights Commission. Ms McVeigh says:

"The ability to make a complaint means that Queensland's Human Rights Act is likely to be more accessible and practical than the human rights laws that exist in Victoria and the ACT."

This is a time to celebrate for all Queenslanders. We are so close to having our rights protected in law. We are so close to a fairer and more equal state.

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