Make a Submission

Make a Submission

Human rights are hard won - we all need to play our part

The Queensland Government has tabled our Human Rights Bill and it has been referred to the Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee for community consultation.

The Committee will be considering submissions from all over Queensland.

Can you make a submission Committee to help support a Human Rights Bill that can deliver a fair go for all Queenslanders? We've included a guide on writing a submission here. 

Submissions help the Committee gauge public support for the Bill, the more personalised and individual your submission is, the more persuasive it will be. To add more to your submission, you can read our quick briefing note on the Bill here

If you want to write a longer submission you can find more detail on the issues, you can read our longer discussion paper here. 


Just so you know...

The information that you provide to us will be sent to the Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee. We will also get a copy and send you a copy.

Queensland Parliament’s Guide to Making a Submission explains how your submission can be used and whether your submission can be published.

Our campaign may use submissions or parts of submissions to support our campaign activities.

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