Queensland Labor unveils Human Rights Act

Jared Owens for The Australian writes: 

Queensland Labor has unveiled the nation’s most expansive human rights regime, lawyers said today, embracing the law as a potent new arsenal to advance their clients’ claims of discrimination.

Announcing the bill, Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath hoped Queensland would “send a message to the rest of Australia” including community organisations and businesses about the importance of protecting human rights.

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Queensland introduces historic human rights laws

Stephanie Smail on PM for ABC Radio talks with Yvette D'ath (Queensland Attorney-General) and Bridget Burton (human rights lawyer and director, Pro Bono Centre, University of Queensland): 

Queensland lawyers are pinning their hopes on the state's new human rights laws to deliver better health and education outcomes for people in need.

The state's first human rights legislation includes protections for 23 human rights, from freedom of expression to cultural rights.

It's not the first state to make the move, but lawyers say a complaints process make the laws the strongest in Australia so far.

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Queenslanders will soon be protected under a Human Rights Act. Here's what that means for you

Josh Bavas reporting for ABC NEWS

Key points

  • Queensland will be the third jurisdiction in the nation to introduce a Human Rights Act
  • The act replaces patchwork laws in order to protect 23 human rights
  • It is designed to enhance protection and privacy of individuals
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Our Human Rights Bill has been introduced


Just now, we have witnessed the historic introduction of a bill to protect our human rights in law in Queensland. You can read the bill here.

Our Human Rights Act will mean that we all have a right to be treated fairly, equally and with dignity. 

Queensland's Human Rights Act will more accessible and more comprehensive than the laws that exist in the ACT and Victoria.

It is fantastic that the rights to health and education will be protected alongside our civil and political rights.

Another feature of the bill is that Queenslanders will be able to complain about human rights issues to a Human Rights Commission. This is not a feature of any other human rights laws in Australia.

Our government hasn't just copied legislation from other states - they've built on it and given us stronger protections.

This is a time to celebrate. This is happening because of you and because of your support for our grassroots, community led campaign.

While this is an exciting time for Queensland, we're not over the line. The bill will now be referred to the Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee for community consultation before it is passed as law. We'll keep you up-to-date about how you can share your views during the consultation. 

If you want to learn more about what a Human Rights Act will mean for Queensland, hear about the consultation and show that you are part of the movement, come along to our community event on 22 November 2018.

Human Rights Act tabled in Qld Parliament

Mark Braybrook reporting with 4BC1116: Queensland is in line to join Victoria and the ACT in becoming the only states or territory to have human rights legislation.

The bill will enshrine 23 human rights including equality before the law, protection from torture or degrading treatment, freedom of expression and freedom of association.

One of those who’ve led the push is Aimee McVeigh from the Human Rights Act for Qld Campaign and she tells Mark many people had not realised their basic rights currently aren’t guaranteed.

To listen to Aimee and Mark's conversation: click here

The human rights Queensland is set to enshrine in law

Felicity Caldwell reports for The Brisbane Times: Queenslanders will have protections for 23 human rights enshrined in law, such as freedom of expression, religion and privacy, and a right to education and health services.

Australia does not have a national bill of rights like the US, but Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory have introduced human rights laws.

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Campaign Director Aimee McVeigh Talks on ABC Breakfast Radio

WEDNESDAY 31 OCTOBER 2018: Our Campaign Director, Aimee McVeigh, talks with with Craig Zonca and Rebecca Levingston of ABC Radio Breakfast about what a Human Rights Act for Queensland includes and the type of change that means in the lives of Queenslanders - particularly through how students with disabilities may be aided in accessing education.

To listen to Aimee's segment: click here

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It's happening this week

Attorney General Announces Tabling of Queensland Human Rights Act at Community Legal Centres Queensland State Conference

Brisbane, October 29, 2018 -- Today the Attorney General has announced that Queensland's Human Rights Act will be tabled this week. After the bill is tabled it will go to the Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee for community consultation and, all going well, the bill should be passed by early 2019.

Aimee McVeigh, coordinator of the Human Rights Act for Queensland campaign says:

"This is an historic moment in Queensland. The bill means that Queenslanders will have their rights to be treated fairly, equally and with dignity protected in law. It also means that when our rights are not respected, we can complain to a Human Rights Commission."

Queensland's Human Rights Bill will be the first in Australia to allow people who claim their rights have been unfairly limited to make their complaint to a Human Rights Commission. Ms McVeigh says:

"The ability to make a complaint means that Queensland's Human Rights Act is likely to be more accessible and practical than the human rights laws that exist in Victoria and the ACT."

This is a time to celebrate for all Queenslanders. We are so close to having our rights protected in law. We are so close to a fairer and more equal state.

Let's talk on 22 November

The push for a Human Rights Act for Queensland is a grassroots movement of Queenslanders wanting a fairer and more equal state for all of us.

We have teamed up with Queensland Council of Social Service to bring together a community event where Queensland's newly appointed Anti-Discrimination Commissioner Scott McDougall and a panel of campaigners and experts will talk to us about what a Human Rights Act will mean for Queensland. 

This free event will be held on 22 November from 6 - 8pm at Souths Leagues Club, West End.


Be quick - spaces are limited!

Community Event Wrap Up: Human Rights in QLD and Beyond

Thank you to Law at QUT for putting on such an incredible event on September 19th.

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