5 weeks to go

In the past few weeks people throughout Queensland have been emailing their MP to tell them they want a fairer and more equal Queensland. They've received responses. MPs are telling Queenslanders that their Human Rights Act is around the corner - they say it will be introduced this year.

We've been told the same thing.

This year there are three more weeks when the Queensland Parliament will sit. This means that the bill must be introduced in the next 5 weeks - they haven't got much time left.

With the way politics work, the reality is if the Queensland Government hasn’t introduced a bill to create our Human Rights Act this year, things will slide. Promises are easily forgotten.

Time is running out, we need to let our MPs know we're watching by sending them an email today.

QUT NEWS: Human Rights in Queensland and Beyond

Thank you to QUT Law for hosting an incredible event alongside the campaign

For their wrap up of the event, as well as a recording of the expert panel's discussions and images from the evening:

It's time for answers

On September 19, the campaign for a HRA4Q is teaming up with QUT Law School, Queensland Council of Civil Liberties and Australian Lawyers for Human Rights to offer an event discussing where our Human Rights Act is, what it might contain, how it will be of benefit and how the push for this important reform can be sustained.

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$2 million boost for a Human Rights Act

This morning's Courier Mail reports that more than $2 million will be handed to Queensland’s Anti-Discrimination Commisson to help it administer a yet-to-be introduced Human Rights Act for the state.

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Queensland's all-too-slow human rights movement

Published Friday April 13th in The Justinian:
Nick Bonyhady reports on what has happened to the proposed charter of human rights for bananabenders... A Labor government promise that is slow to materialise... Contention around what model to adopt... The next election will have arrived before the new law has properly taken effect.
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Rob Hulls on hand as Queensland mulls human rights act

Rob Hulls, who engineered the Victorian Charter of Human Rights, has met with the Palaszcuk Government to discuss a Human Rights Act in Queensland.

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The Queensland Government to deliver on their promise

The Queensland Government is set to deliver on their promise to deliver a Human Rights Act for Queensland Felicity Caldwell explains in the Brisbane Times:

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Make a submission to Queensland's Human Rights Inquiry

Have your say about whether Queensland needs a Human Rights Act. We will collate your responses and send them to Queensland's Human Rights Inquiry.

Donate to bring a Human Rights Act home

Queensland doesn't have a Human Rights Act.

Australia is one of the only western democratic nations that doesn’t have a Human Rights Act or a bill of rights. While the ACT and Victoria have human rights legislation, no other state or territory does.

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Remembering the small places

Aimee McVeigh, Human Rights Act for Queensland Campaign Director, in this month's Peppermint magazine:

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