Queensland's all-too-slow human rights movement

Published Friday April 13th in The Justinian:
Nick Bonyhady reports on what has happened to the proposed charter of human rights for bananabenders... A Labor government promise that is slow to materialise... Contention around what model to adopt... The next election will have arrived before the new law has properly taken effect.
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Rob Hulls on hand as Queensland mulls human rights act

Rob Hulls, who engineered the Victorian Charter of Human Rights, has met with the Palaszcuk Government to discuss a Human Rights Act in Queensland.

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The Queensland Government to deliver on their promise

The Queensland Government is set to deliver on their promise to deliver a Human Rights Act for Queensland Felicity Caldwell explains in the Brisbane Times:

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Make a submission to Queensland's Human Rights Inquiry

Have your say about whether Queensland needs a Human Rights Act. We will collate your responses and send them to Queensland's Human Rights Inquiry.

Donate to bring a Human Rights Act home

Queensland doesn't have a Human Rights Act.

Australia is one of the only western democratic nations that doesn’t have a Human Rights Act or a bill of rights. While the ACT and Victoria have human rights legislation, no other state or territory does.

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Remembering the small places

Aimee McVeigh, Human Rights Act for Queensland Campaign Director, in this month's Peppermint magazine:

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How would a Human Rights Act help older people?

Aimee McVeigh from the campaign for a Human Rights Act for Queensland explains on Radio COTA.

Don't let our Human Rights Act slip away

The Premier’s announcement that the Queensland Government will introduce a Human Rights Act was welcomed in October last year by community organisations and individuals throughout Queensland and Australia.
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Annastacia Palaszczuk has announced a Human Rights Act for Queensland

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk used her keynote address at today’s Queensland Labor state conference to announce that her cabinet has agreed to introduce a Human Rights Act for Queensland.

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Human rights legislation needed to protect the vulnerable

Aimee McVeigh wrote in the Brisbane Times today that Images of young Australians being stripped and pinned to the ground, detained for days in isolation without access to fresh water or sunlight and the inexplicable use of excessive force and restraints entered our lounge rooms on Monday night via the Four Corners report of the treatment of young people at the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre. 
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