"After all, what are we all fighting for?"

Richard Ackland reports in the Guardian that there is a weird psychotic reaction in Australia to the very notion of human rights.
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It's time to take Human Rights seriously

n a letter to the editor in today's Courier Mail, Caxton Legal Centre's director Scott McDougall said:
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Queensland's Human Rights Inquiry tabled its final report

Today Queensland's Human Rights Inquiry released it's report about whether a Human Rights Act should be introduced in Queensland.
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Updating the Sunshine Coast on the campaign for a Human Rights Act for Queensland

The Queensland Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee has been inquiring into whether Queensland needs a Human Rights Act.
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Community groups call on the Queensland government to introduce a Human Rights Act

The Queensland Government has almost finished a long-promised inquiry into whether the state needs a human rights act which would ensure law makers and judges abide by a charter. Labor agreed to the inquiry to clinch the support of a key independent, allowing Annastacia Palaszczuk to form government. The push from human rights advocates for the Act may not be enough because of opposition from some lawyers who like the way things work at the moment, reports Katherine Gregory.
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Program for Brisbane hearing announced

Queensland's Human Rights Inquiry has announced the program for tomorrow's hearing in Brisbane.

All are welcome to attend.

Human Rights Inquiry program now available

Queensland's Human Rights Inquiry has today announced the program for Brisbane's public hearing. Being a public hearing all are welcome to attend.

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Human Rights Inquiry Public Hearing 9 June

The Queensland Human Rights Inquiry will hear from witnesses in Brisbane on 9 June from 9 am – 3 pm at the Parliamentary Annex, Parliament House.
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A Human Rights Act for Queensland?

The ABC's Big Ideas program looks at whether Queensland needs a Human Rights Act.  

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A Human Rights Act could protect Queensland from a return to the "bad old days"

On 18 May 2016, the ABC reported on the push for a Human Rights Act in Queensland. 
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