UQ lawyers respond to Human Rights Act

UQ lawyers respond to Human Rights Act

A number of human rights experts at The University of Queensland Law School have welcomed the Queensland Government’s Human Rights legislation tabled in Parliament yesterday.

They say the reform will bring dignity, respect and fairness to the lives of many, and will complement existing human rights measures.

The Human Rights Act brings in four major reforms to Queensland:

  1. When making laws government must have regard to human rights principles
  2. Government agencies must have regard to the human rights of the people they are dealing with, especially when making important decision that affect their lives
  3. When deciding on legal issues that affect individuals courts must consider and uphold their human rights, and
  4. If you have experienced a breach of your human rights you can make a complaint about it.

Click here to hear what UQ Law experts have to say

Click here to view the finalised submission made to the LACSC

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