A Human Rights Act for Queensland

Australians are firmly committed to democratic values and we have a strong sense of a fair go. Living in a modern democracy, we appreciate the importance of having laws that ensure all people can live in safety, in freedom, and with dignity. As such, Australians are big supporters of human rights.

Given this, it’s peculiar that Australia is one of the only western democratic nations that doesn’t have a Human Rights Act or a bill of rights. We know from experience that when human rights are not protected in law, they are always in danger of being eroded.

We think Queensland can show Australia how it’s done.

Whilst we have it good here, we shouldn’t take things for granted; it’s time to enshrine our values by protecting all of our human rights in law.

We need a Human Rights Act that clearly sets out what our human rights are, that guarantees that governments respect our rights and that provides avenues to seek justice when our rights have been violated.

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