Advice on Child Custody in Auburn

Whether you need advice on child custody Auburn, you can trust National family lawyers. We offer legal advice and services that can help you get your family in the best possible position.The National family lawyers team is available Monday to Saturday. We will be able to help you determine if an AVO is a good idea for your particular situation. We can also help you prepare for your child custody hearing, if one is required.

In a child custody Auburn case, you must determine the best interests of the child. Regardless of the circumstances, establishing a reasonable parenting plan can be challenging. An experienced attorney can help you navigate the legal system and come up with a comprehensive plan that will benefit your child.

child custody Auburn

Shared parental responsibility (SPR) is a legal term used to describe the arrangement where the child splits their time between the homes of both parents. This arrangement is usually the best option for children because both parents have equal time and responsibility. However, if you and your ex-partner don’t get along, a court order can be issued determining who gets the kids. This will be a legal decision, so a parenting plan may be your best option.

In a recent case in the Family Court, a mother had to leave an abusive relationship with her ex-partner. She was threatened with physical violence and stalking from the father, and he abused the children. Thankfully, the Family Court saw the danger to her children and prioritised the case. The judge made a sole parenting responsibility order for the mother, which barred the father from contacting the children after the order was made.

The court will consider the best interests of the children when making decisions about where and when the children will live. Joint parental responsibility is a presumption that both parents will have some time to spend with the children. The courts will also take into consideration other factors that may affect the child. Generally, joint parental responsibility is required for long-term, significant issues, such as religion, education, and health. Joint parental responsibility can be beneficial for children because it allows them to spend more time with one parent than with the other.

Parents should consider dividing the financial responsibility of raising their children. A parent with primary custody of the children is often financially responsible for the children. In the event that the other parent cannot support the child, the other parent may request that the court order a child support assessment. This calculation will help the court determine how much money the parent should contribute to the child’s care. Moreover, the Family Law Act 1975 is gender neutral. Children are entitled to a meaningful relationship with both parents.

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